Tough Topics in LD

Tough Topics in Learning Disabilities (LD) was established in late 2020 with Learning Disability Student Nurse Representative to The Royal College of Nursing – Shaun Williams. Alistair and Shaun both agreed there was an absence of professional voice on some keys issues within the area of Learning Disability Practice.

Tough Topics in LD is a series of webchats designed to shine a light on these lesser discussed areas of practice. You can listen by clicking below!

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Tough Topics in LD Episode 3 – Chewing it Over – 2020

Tough Topics in LD Episode 4 “Giving a S%#t – Learning Disability and Pelvic Health”

Tough Topics in LD Episode 5 – Burning Bridges at the First Try – Who Holds the Matches

Imagine a world where having difficulty understanding and retaining information given to you meant you weren't allowed to live as long as other people...

73% of people with Autism and/or Learning Disabilities have experienced hate crimes.

People don't die prematurely from a Learning Disability... They die prematurely because of poor healthcare and support.