Where I Work

Portland College is a vibrant national college for people with a wide range of disabilities.

The Portland College offer includes Further Education, as well as Employment Support and Personal Care. We strive to develop every learner’s unimagined potential with a personalised programme. For those learners attending the Portland College campus in Sherwood Forest, such a programme can include work experience and volunteering. The personal curriculum is underpinned by a broad range of accredited qualifications in independence, literacy, numeracy, sport, arts, business studies, computing, small animal care and horticulture.

We deliver a specialised sensory curriculum for learners with more complex needs.

Portland College is also dedicated to working with Employers to help them develop a more inclusive approach to recruitment and workforce development. For those individuals we support in their workplace or elsewhere, they can be assured of the same high standards of support and personalisation of their programme.


About The Physiotherapy Team

The physiotherapy team work as part of the wider MDT which includes Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Our role is to support students to be able to engage their educational programmes. We support people to achieve their personal best by designing personalised programmes centred around, strength and physical activity, respiratory support, postural management, falls prevention, splinting and orthotics amongst others.

Imagine a world where having difficulty understanding and retaining information given to you meant you weren't allowed to live as long as other people...

73% of people with Autism and/or Learning Disabilities have experienced hate crimes.

People don't die prematurely from a Learning Disability... They die prematurely because of poor healthcare and support.