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The Learning Disability Physio.com is an information portal providing a knowledge base for anyone looking to learn more about healthcare for people with learning disabilities

Welcome to the LD Physio.com a website for people, families and practitioners. The website is divided into sections with information about knowing your rights when being supported in healthcare and also information for healthcare practitioners in how you can improve your practice.
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This section of the website is designed to give you important information that can help you to be more in charge of your physical health.

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What can you do to ensure people with learning disabilities get better access to healthcare?”
A Lifelong Brotherhood

The Story of Jon and Al…

What can I take away from a life lived with a brother who has Downs Syndrome? It turns out, a lot. Here I share some snippets of lessons Jon has taught me about life and share lessons you might be able to take into yours. Open, frank and from the heart, it’s all here in the Jon & Al blog series.

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The times Jon used being disabled to his advantage
The times Jon used being disabled to his advantage

  Jon and I shared a bedroom growing up, we had single beds and Paddington Bear curtains with alphabet border wallpaper.  The walls were adorned by pictures of wildlife and we had a small cupboard in the corner where the monsters lived.  Later the monsters would...

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Imagine a world where having difficulty understanding and retaining information given to you meant you weren't allowed to live as long as other people...

73% of people with Autism and/or Learning Disabilities have experienced hate crimes.

People don't die prematurely from a Learning Disability... They die prematurely because of poor healthcare and support.

Tough Topics In LD: The Podcast

Shedding light on lesser discussed areas of practice.


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For HCPs. If you were to be pulled up for something at work, which would be worse? Something related to your competence, or your ethics, ie having caused offence or done something ethically questionable?
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